JIT Telecom Pricing

Sim Data & Voice

Simcall + Data 1GB & Sms

Price: 1,180¥


Capacity : 1GB / Month


Sim Type : Data - Phone, sms

Capacity : 1GB / Month High Speed

Operator : DOCOMO



- Registration without a contract (requires more than 3 months of use).

- Additional quota can be purchased.

- High speed internet access, full speed at normal speed, SMS, calling to other numbers.

- Can change the package to a larger or smaller data quota.


Monthly payment:

From the 5th and payment deadline until the 25th.

Can pay via convenience store or transfer.



Monthly fee: 1,180 yen / Month

(This fee does not include telephone and SMS costs)

Card issuance fee: 3,300 yen